DIY: Old Jeans to Chic Sling

Hello my dear DIY’ans,

Here is a new video tutorial for transforming an old pair of jeans to an absolutely gorgeous chic sling bag. I hope you like it! If you do, do share and like!

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Chic Sling from Old Jeans





Liebster Award


I am super excited that The Diy Indian has been nominated for The Liebster Award, all thanks to sweet Sahar Sultan. Her DIY projects are amazingly inspiring and super creative, if you havent already checked her blog, here it is: diyinadorm

Now to answer your questions Sahar:

  1. What’s your favorite way to begin the day?

Sipping on a cup of coffee and checking out DIY projects and getting inspired. Omg, the feeling cannot be explained in a few words!

2. A book/movie you could read/watch over and over again?

I have been a huge fan of the Agatha christie series, but that goes for all detective novels. Crazy about lots of movies and the list would be endless 😉

3. Tell us about your blog and how it got started

I had loads of time in my hands after i quit my first job and i wanted to do something i was passionate about. Music and craft. So i began making stuff and thought of sharing it with others to know what they thought about it.

4. How do you manage to take out time from your everyday routine for the blog?

Half answered in the previous question, but to add, i havent been able to write a lot since i started working again, but i promise i wont stop! 🙂

5. If you could time travel what year would you go to and why?

Go back to 1990’s, my childhood (best part of my life), watch those amazing cartoons on cartoon network that sadly doesnt exist anymore.

Maybe correct a few mistakes in life and come back to the future to continue being awesome 😛 🙂

6. Life motto?

Remember, even this will pass away!

7. What is on top of your bucket list?

See the whole world before i die!

8. Favorite holiday destination?

Dubai, always! loads of memories there 🙂

9. What is a perfect Sunday like for you?

A day that starts with that perfect coffee, pulling out a recipe and modifying it my way, listening to my favorite music, and getting inspired reading and browsing

10. Celebrity crush?

George Clooney!

11. Which ‘Friends’ character are you?

Im definitely a monica!! 🙂 obsessed with cleaning and organizing and cooking!

There i hope i have answered your questions 🙂 and i would like to nominate a few amazing people for the Award:




So here are my questions to you!

  1. What inspires you to be this awesome?
  2. What is your biggest fear?
  3. 3 of your most favorite sites for inspiration
  4. Your dream destination and why?
  5. What quirky habit do you have?
  6. How would you describe yourself?
  7. Given a second chance what would you rather be?
  8. If you were given a chance to relive your past, which moment would it be?
  9. You are given $1000 how would you spend it?
  10. What is your ultimate goal in life?
  11. When upset, what do you usually do to feel better?


1. Link back to the person who nominated you.

2. Answer the questions given to you by the nominator.

3. Nominate up to 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers.

4. Create 11 questions for the nominees.

5. Notify all nominees via social media/blogs

Thanks a million to Sarah for this! It was fun answering your questions 🙂

Can’t wait to read your answers too!

Save 18$ and make your own Beauty Blender!

Hello DIY’ans,

It costs a jaw dropping amount to get a beauty blender of your own from the market. What if you could make a cheaper one for $2!!

I have to warn you about the foam though, here are the cons:

1) Its more porous than the original blender, so it soaks in a bit more foundation

2) Its not going to get that smooth appearance as the original blender. You might get a good shape but not the texture

3) Do not dye the sponge to make different colored ones as the color will eventually stick onto your face!!

Check this DIY!! The video to this is right here!

Materials required:

1) Scissors

2) Blade (only required to smoothen)

3) Foam (Any color you like)

4) Sketchpen


Lets get started!!

1) Take the foam and sketch the shape of the blender on top with the sketchpen..Remember this is going to be cut of anyway, so this is like a guideline for you to cut around.


2) Chop around the shape with the scissors to get a nice round shape and Voila!!


I made four with one small foam piece. If you want to see the way i have made the shape check out the video here:

Dont forget to share!! Check out my other DIY projects on my blog 🙂        Cheers!

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DIY Stud Box (upcycle a shirt box/ chocolate box)

Hello DIY’ans,

I found this cool way to display your ear studs with the help of just a few materials you can find easily around the house:

Materials required:

  • Shirt box/chocolate box
  • Thin Cardboard piece
  • Glue/ Fevi quik
  • Scissors
  • Plastic (Clear)/ OHP Sheet


1) Take the cardboard sheet and fold it like a fan.


2) Take the Bottom half of the box and insert the Cardboard sheet into it. Make sure the length of the sheet and the box matches.


3) Turn over the cardboard sheet and apply glue to the folds that are pointed upwards.

IMG_20150705_74) Turn over the sheet and apply glue to the edge of the box.

IMG_20150705_55) Adjust the folds and make sure the cardboard sheet is held in place by the glue.

IMG_20150705_96) Take the top half of the box and cut out a window leaving a small edge inside.

IMG_20150705_117) Apply glue to the edge inside and place the plastic sheet tightly.


IMG_20150705_138) Place this lid and your box is ready. You can pierce holes in the cardboard sheet and place your studs inside.

IMG_20150705_149) Alternatively you can use a transparent chocolate box / dates box and stick the cardboard sheet inside.


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DIY Vegetable tray (upcycled chocolate box!)

Hello dear DIY’ans,

I found lot of chocolate boxes lying around the other day, and being a DIY’an found it really hard to throw it away and decided to make use of it. So here is what i did.

Materials used:

1) Rod to fix on the wall (2 nos.)-

2) Holders for the rod (based on how many boxes you want to fix)

3) Chocolate boxes

4) Plastic covers


All you need to do is to fix this rod on the wall using a drill and screw (thankfully the holes for the screw is already present on the rod). The length of the rod totally is based on your requirement.

My rod could fit 6 chocolate boxes (with a gap of 2 holder slots).

I covered my boxes with a plastic wire mesh (its easier to throw the dead skin of vegetables later on this way). Remember to line your boxes with a plastic cover to prevent corrosion.

This is what it finally looks like:


You could also paint it uniformly and label it:


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DIY Ottoman out of Tire (With Cushion)

Hi Dear DIY’ans,

I am not going to be showing you the tutorial for making the Ottoman, as there is a beautiful tutorial for that right here:

I made another version of this with slight modifications: IMG_20150621_1 Tips and Tricks:

1) Instead of the normal rope i went for a plastic rope which comes in various colors! The best part is there are no strands sticking out and its not going to ruin your dress or poke you 🙂

2) The next modification i made was the top part, ofcourse i did attach the plywood. but i also attached a foam and fabric over it to make a cushion! If you want a tutorial on how to do this check this out:

(everything is the same except for the shape of the plywood)

3) On the bottom part i attached 4 bushes so that it does not slide easily. Oh I almost forgot, you could also vary the length of the bush (or attach stands) and turn it into an adorable coffee table (you will have to take the cushion off, and to make it even more Pro like keep a round glass over the plywood on top 😉 )

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DIY Sling Bag

Hello Fellow DIY’ans,

I am super excited about this post, because its going to be a Recycling Project/ giving a complete new look to an old bag!

Here is the Before and After Pics:

2015-06-11 12.43.27




If you like this read on, and find out how to make this beautiful little sling bag 🙂

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